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    Heya guys! Cluster here to inform you all of the meet on the 21st of July! I know the announcement came late and so close to the day, I am Sorry, we hit a few bumps along the ride but we still hope you all can make It! It will be the usual pitch in part from 1pm-6pm before cleanup and then to the bowling alley! It will be the same park as the meet…[Read more]

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    Thank ya kindly for the help! It’s my first time hosting so I really appreciate it!

  • Cookout and Bowling will be on May 19th starting at 1pm in Summerfield park in Greenwood Indiana, then southern bowl at 6:30! Come on down and join us! The park will be a pitch in barbecue if you’d like to bring something. Please stay in designated smoke areas of you smoke or vape, underage smoking or drinking is prohibited as per usual and by…[Read more]

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