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    Hello all me and my fiance are hosting a clean all ages bonfire meet at our house in Portland Indiana.The meet will be august 11th from 3pm-12am (you can come or go as you please but we will be asking people to go at midnight if anyone is still around) Everyone is welcome we just have a few simple rules.

    No alcohol! this is not a request if you are caught drinking or arrive drunk you WILL be asked to leave.

    This is an all ages meet so no “adult activities” please dont sneak into our house and try to do stuff like that you will be asked to leave and never be allowed back at our house.

    No drugs (this includes pot and or abusing prescription medication)

    We ask that smokers be polite and throw their cig butts away or throw them into the fire pit. ALSO absolutely NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE!

    Now that the rules are out of the way! You will have to bring your own camping chairs if you want to sit around the fire.
    You can bring food, firewood, soda/drinks, or plates/cups. We will be cooking both a beef and pork roast with vegetables! If you have food allergies or are vegetarian/ vegan let us know so we can cook something for you!

    This is a mostly outdoor meet the house will be open to guests to use the bathroom and for suiters to cool off if they need to and dont want to remove their heads/parts outside.

    If you’re interested fill out thew forum and please Message me ( @NimbusJolteon on telegram) or reply here. Please add the code word Birdy to your message to say you agree to the rules. If you are coming with a friend or mate you can fill out one forum for multiple people just add all the names.

    what are you bringing:
    Food allergies if any:
    Code word:
    Estimated time of arrival:

    Example !
    Name(s):Citrine and Mousie
    what are you bringing: pork, beef, and firewood
    Food allergies if any: NA
    Code word: Birdy
    Estimated time of arrival:We live here

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