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    I’m really nervous to be here mega socially anxious

    Decided to push myself to join and at least post this to cope with the anxiety ANYWAY ANYWAY.

    I’m Derry.
    I draw for a ‘living’, plan to start dipping my toes into fursuit part making, video games all day every day, love to talk if you can handle the awkwardness until i warm up to you.



    Hi! And welcome to the site! Your art looks amazing and its ok if you’re awkward and stuff! Also if you need help with fursuit making then I can kinda give you some tips. Im currently a fursuit maker in training, so yea.



    Thank you muchly! It means a lot ;v;n

    Thats so cool!
    Im not gonna attempt heads or body suits just yet but im looking into outdoor/indoor feetpaws, hand paws and tails ;v;
    Any tips would be hugely appreciated!!



    No reason to be nervous. All are welcome!!!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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