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    ***Sorry this is so verbose, but please read the whole thing if you are interested in joining!***

    Hi again, everyone! It’s Dingo here with a proposal for all that would be interested in a fun day at the Indiana State Fair with furry friends! A very kind-hearted and generous benefactor (local-fur, Charismatic Sammi) has entrusted me with a *very limited* number of State Fair tickets to be given to local furs to have a wonderful time!

    My plans will soon become obvious to those truly interested in taking advantage of this auspicious opportunity. On Monday, August 7th 2017, the Indianapolis Star newspaper will have a *FREE* ticket to the Indiana State Fair printed inside! On this day, I will go to purchase around six of these newspapers and my lovely friend, Mr. Lou Lynx (or Lounx as you all may know him) will be picking some up as well. This is the important information… These free tickets in the newspaper will be for use ONLY on the date Wednesday, August 9th 2017.

    My proposal for you is this: Let us have a fun and exciting day together at the Indiana State Fair! If you would like to help make this happen, I need help from you: If you are able to, please go to a store where the Indianapolis Star newspaper is sold—early in the morning if you can—and pick up one or two newspapers with Free State Fair tickets printed inside. Or you can pick up more than that if you would like! The more tickets we have, the more we can ensure everyone can participate that would like to. If you do this, make absolute sure that you open the paper and find the tickets printed inside… in the past people have stolen the tickets only for me to find out after buying! Depending on availability–there *may* be something wonderful in store for those who help with this task (again, depending on availability).

    The plan for the actual day of the meet is this: On Wednesday, August 9th I will be parking at the Glendale Mall’s Rural Street parking lot to wait for the free shuttle to the Fairgrounds. This is a good option for those wanting to park for free! Since two of my friends will be taking off this day, we are wanting to stay at the Fairgrounds all day that day, so we will be meeting at that parking lot at 10:00AM to meet, discuss the plan for the day, divvy out the tickets and then finally board the shuttle at 10:20AM. After we enter the Fairgrounds, for people who have work that day and have to come later, I (or someone from our group) will do my best to meet you in a timely fashion at the gate to give you your ticket.

    Here is the information YOU need to get a ticket to the Fair. Since the number of tickets is very limited, these instructions will have to be followed perfectly to lessen drama and to be sure that you obtain a ticket.
    1. Please fill out the form with your name.
    2. That’s it!

    This will be very different from R.S.V.P.ing for dinner meets. If you want a ticket, you must reserve for yourself only. If you have a friend who would like to join you, please direct them to the form so that they can fill it out. There is a very limited amount of tickets and this will ensure that people have an equal chance of getting one. Tickets will be given in the order of requests, so it’s first-come, first-served. If there are tickets left over the day of the event, I will be giving them to whoever asks for one until they are gone. I will announce how many I have left on Telegram as they are taken.

    You do not have to purchase the Fair tickets printed in the newspaper to receive a ticket, but it would help immensely and I *strongly* urge whoever is able to pick up these newspaper tickets to *please* do so. As I said, there is a very limited number of actual tickets and we want everyone to be able to join in on the festivities…including YOU and your friends!

    Important dates to remember:
    August 7th: The day to buy State Fair tickets printed in the Indianapolis Star
    August 9th: The day of the event!
    The reservation form is soon to follow.

    P.S. –Pokemon Go Players!! The Indiana State Fairgrounds is an awesome place to play! If you want to join me in playing, please remember to bring an extra battery in case yours gets low during the day and a charging cable. It will likely be hot so remember to bring water! Water is sold at a premium in the Fairgrounds.



    Here is the form to reserve your ticket!


    -Thank you!



    I hope everyone has a fun time at the fair! I wish I could go that day, however, I will be leaving my work at 5 PM that day so that I may go to my grandmother’s place and spend the night. She will be having surgery to help remove cancer within her abdominal area on August 10th and with the convention coming up I’d have no availability for that. So, if you guys could just go and have fun for me, that’s all I ask!

    Thanks again, and be safe!


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