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    Wow – ok… so, today I found that my son has been involved with a fur community on Twitter. The only problem I have is that he’s 13. I genuinely thought it would be a few years before I had to ask “Ok – do you know what a furry is?” “This word you used…. yiff… do you know what that means?” and had to outline exactly what safe sane and consensual was. Luckily enough, I completely understand and while I’ve never furred out, I *have* been active in the community – though it’s been… wow… almost 2 decades? I have no idea how to handle this. I want to be supportive, and AM supportive – but the fact that I had to explain that human or furry – he’s not old enough to be saying and talking about some of the things I read. The fact that I showed him a picture he had sent someone of a naked female fox (which, I admire his taste – she was a cutie) – and tell him that was porn and completely inappropriate for him to share.
    So, I’m sorry this was completely rambling. I just need advice. Help?

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